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of corrosion or oxidation w

HONG KONG Custom Miami Marlins Jerseys , April 8 (Xinhua) -- The World Wide Fund for Nature ( WWF) Hong Kong on Tuesday announced that the volume of shark fin products imported into Hong Kong in 2013 dropped significantly from 8,285.1 tons to 5,412.2 tons in 2012, or 34.7 percent.

According to the latest figures from Hong Kong's Census and Statistics Department, there was also a decrease in re-export volumes Authentic Miami Marlins Jerseys , from 2,428 tons to 2,003.7 tons, or 17.5 percent. The re- export volumes to China declined from 1,170 tons to 114 tons Miami Marlins Jerseys For Sale , nearly 90 percent, with Vietnam becoming the top re-export destination in 2013.

Tracy Tsang, WWF Hong Kong's Senior Program Officer for Shark, said since 2007, WWF Hong Kong has been actively engaging with different sectors across the city to "Say No to Shark Fin. As of early April Cheap Miami Marlins Jerseys , 2014, 168 corporations have taken the "No Shark Fin Corporate Pledge", meaning shark conservation messages reach nearly 90,000 corporate staff. Further, 116 caterers have joined WWF Hong Kong's Alternative Shark Free Menu program.

The Hong Kong government also pledged in 2013 to adopt sustainability-conscious food consumption during official entertainment functions Dee Gordon Marlins Jersey , which includes no consumption of shark fin, adde Tsang.

Tsang said, the existing Hong Kong Harmonized System (HKHS) codes, used to track shark fin products, do not as of now identify specific shark species Ichiro Suzuki Marlins Jersey , making it difficult to monitor trade trends in shark fin products. Additionally, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora' s (CITES) decision to include more shark species in its Appendix II has been ratified, and the Hong Kong government should now be preparing to follow the updated CITES requirements.

She suggested that "For CITES implementation, the Hong Kong government should improve the existing HKHS codes to allow for the identification of shark species that need to be tracked. Scientific identification, through DNA testing of randomly-sampled shark fins Dee Gordon Youth Jersey , could also be deployed for verification purposes.

Hong Kong accounts for about 50 percent of global shark fin trade annualy. Shark fin is being used in weddings, corparate banquets and other celebration events, where seving shark fin is regarded as respect to the guests.

Today鈥檚 world functions because of machinery. When we think of some of the really large and complicated equipment that rules our world, we think of metal gears, loud pistons Ichiro Suzuki Youth Jersey , and running belts. When something goes wrong, we immediately wonder which one of these parts have stopped functioning. The truth behind the scene, much like our own bodies, is that the oil that flows through and lubricates these huge monsters can be the determiner of what is at cause of the problem. This is where an in-service oil analysis can be the hero of the day. Just as a blood test tells our doctor what is going on in our bodies, an in-service oil analysis can tell a mechanic what is going on inside machinery. The cure can be determined by the results of the analysis.

There are several different reasons why an in-service oil analysis should be done. While many companies may not have them done initially because of cost Dee Gordon Womens Jersey , they may soon realize that the real expense comes with the repair, and the original test would have been cost effective. Lubricants need to have the correct balance of formulas in order for the equipment to work its best. So operators and mechanics need to make sure that what鈥檚 in the machine, whether it鈥檚 new oil or used oil that may or may not have broken down and no longer be beneficial, is correct for this particular equipment. This can only be determined by the use of an in-service oil analysis.

There are several types of in-service oil analysis tests that can determine the performance needs for any type of machine. Those that are performed on the oil that is already in place in the equipment will test what type of physical and chemicals have 鈥渃rossed鈥?over into the lubricant. As additives are added, and wear and tear occurs in the machine Ichiro Suzuki Womens Jersey , contaminates enter the oil and can do major damage if not removed. Performing various tests can tell the amount of the contaminates and whether the oil immediately needs to be changed or can be used for a longer period of time.

Another purpose of doing an in-service oil analysis is to make sure that the new oil that鈥檚 going to be used is adequate for the job. A few of these tests that can be performed are

1. The ability for the oil to properly reduce friction by providing enough slickness to promote the rolling of pulleys and the turning of gears. Occasionally companies will include additives that are supposed to help with the natural tear down of the machine. As these additives break down, they will contaminant the oil and render it useless. The only way this can be determined is through an in-service oil analysis.
2. The basic science test of oil repelling water is an important factor in machines. The oil needs to be able to shed the water that can enter from other sources of the equipment. Once the oil becomes so contaminated that it can鈥檛 eliminate the water then there are going to be large mechanical problems.
3. Any type of corrosion or oxidation will be a source of engine problems. The earlier that these can be found and corrected, the more likely that major repairs can be avoided

Preventative maintenance is the definitely the best policy. By providing equipment examinations such as in-service oil analysis can save a company thousands, if not millions of dollars as well as a lot of frustration.

I love the outdoors and spending time with my family!

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