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If you look at the list of the Blue Jays potential free agents for thi

If you look at the list of the Blue Jays potential free agents for this off season, including the likes of Colby Rasmus and Casey Janssen, the one they can least afford to lose is left fielder Melky Cabrera. Rashaan Evans Jersey . Even with missing 23 games to injury, the 29-year-old left fielder bounced back in a huge way from his injury plagued debut season with the Jays where he looked like an old man before his time. He ultimately underwent surgery to have a tumour removed from his spine and looked like a new man in 2014. He hit .301 in the key number two slot in John Gibbons line-up with 16 home runs and 73 runs batted in and played great defence. Melkys numbers almost equaled those of his break-out year in 2011 with the Royals where he batted .305 with 18 dingers and 87 RBIs. He was even better in 2012 with the Giants qualifying for the National League batting title, but then waving his rights to it after testing positive for PEDs and then getting suspended. But this past season with the Blue Jays healthy and we assume clean he was a valuable contributor to an (83-79) Blue Jays outfit. Melky reportedly loves Toronto, is a great friend of Jose Bautistas and wants to return to the Blue Jays. But money and length of contract will ultimately talk, especially in a free agent market that is short of quality outfielders. Jon Heyman of CBS Sports reported on Thursday the Jays had begun contract talks with Cabrera and would be willing to offer him a three-year deal. At the very least, they would make him a one-year qualifying offer of about $15.3 million. If, and thats a big if, Melky would take a three-year pact, it would probably take $48-51 million dollars to get a deal done. If he wants five years and somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 million, the Jays could conceivably back off and take the draft pick compensation. Right now the Blue Jays highest two paid position players are Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion. Jose who just turned 34 and has showed no signs of slowing down will make $14 million next season, and then the club has an option for 2016 worth another 14 million. Edwin soon to be 32 is due to make 10 million next season with the club holding a 10 million dollar option with a 2 million dollar buyout for 2016. It’s hard to see the Jays committing to all three long term at this point and they likely dont want to pay Melky more money than the other two get unless they are convinced they can be World Series contenders within the next two seasons. The bottom line is, I believe Melky will move on, unless he returns at the Blue Jays price and term (three years). That however brings us to what in my mind if the Jays biggest need. They have to do what they should have done last winter and that is to acquire a veteran middle infielder with some versatility. The one I have in mind is Asdrubal Cabrera. The longtime Cleveland shortstop was dealt to Washington at the deadline and made the shift to 2B with the Nationals since they already had Ian Desmond. Asdrubal, isnt quite the defensive shortstop he used to be, and his overall offensive numbers have dipped the past couple of years. But he is a switch hitter, and is more than willing to play second as he showed in Washington. He also smacked 14 homers last season and knocked in 64, while scoring another 74. The Blue Jays second basemen, on the other hand, only hit seven homers with 48 runs batted in while scoring 52 runs. Other than when Ryan Goins was at second, or Brett Lawrie in that brief stint, when he was healthy, the Jays defence at second was inconsistent to sub-par at best. Asdrubal Cabrera is only 28 and would be a solid upgrade at second and could even slide over to short if Jose Reyes continues to slide with his glovework. Signing a player with the versatility of Cabrera would also allow the Jays to keep Brett Lawrie at his best position third base. Ryan Goins may one day learn to hit, and John Berti whos been playing in the Arizona Fall League may be an option down the road, but right now, the Jays need a veteran like Asdrubal Cabrera. He has been quoted as saying he wants to stay in Washington and all he cares about now is winning a World Series. That could knock the Blue Jays out of the picture, but it’s going to be an awfully disappointing off-season, if the Blue Jays dont land at least one Cabrera. *** It’s been quite the week for hitting coaches. The Mets hired Kevin Long who had just been let go by the Yankees. Boston landed Chili Davis, who had been with the Oakland As and San Diego after hitting a paltry .226 this season parted company with their batting coach Phil Plantier. The Padres have actually gone through six batting coaches since moving to Petco Field. I wonder at what point you start looking at the talent and not the men coaching them. *** The Jays Mark Buehrle is one of the pitching finalists for a Gold Glove Award this season for fielding excellence. I was a little bit surprised to see looking back, the Jays have had only one pitcher win a Gold Glove over their 38 year history and that was R,A Dickey a year ago. *** Ive always pictured second base as ranging from about 510 to about 61. They broke the mold with Colorados D.J. LeMahieu. Hes 6-4 an inch taller than his shortstop partner Troy Tulowitzki. LeMahieu helped turn 99 double plays this season, the most in the National League. *** From a purely personal standpoint, Im really torn on this World Series, Im pulling for Jason Frasor. The Blue Jays all-time appearance leader, whos now pitching out of the Royals pen and was just a great guy to deal with. But on the other side, youve got Giants pitching coach Dave Righetti one of my all-time favourites from his Yankee days and his brief stint with the Jays late in his career. If push came to shove, I guess it would be Jason Frasor and the Royals, just because it’s been so long, and they are such a great underdog story. Luke Stocker Jersey . Dwyane Wade followed a few days later. Custom Titans Jerseys . A little more than one year after missing a last-second tip-in that would have given the Wolverines a share of the Big Ten regular-season title, the 6-foot-8 forward scored on a layup with 7. http://www.thetitansfansclub.com/Black- … rt-Jersey/ . Hes recovered from a scary injury and cleared to play. Mingo, who was hospitalized with a bruised lung he sustained in an Aug.In a special Fathers Day edition of the Three Man Weave, Duane Watson and Will Strickland from TSN 1050s "1 On 1 With Will & Duane" bring on Canadian basketball blog boss Ray Bala of the Can Ball Report to collect ties, aftershave, socks and thoughts on the current state of the NBA Finals!Do the Miami Heat have a chance at making history and winning three straight to win the NBA Finals? Bala: I would say no. They have two things going against them. Firstly, the Spurs have been playing some incredible basketball that has been about as textbook as you can imagine.  The teamwork and the defence plus some all-world play both by Kawhi Leonard and Boris Diaw, on the road no less, has been unstoppable.  Secondly, Game 5 is in San Antonio and since the already rabid Spurs fans will be sniffing the title now, making the environment something akin to the lion food in the Roman Coliseum.  And did I mention that history is not with them either?   Strickland: Chance? Yes. Multiple chances, as a matter of fact: Slim and none. As great as the narrative could establish itself to be if Miami miraculously came back to make this a competitive and epic Finals, there is nothing exhibited in these first four games that would indicate that the Heat have the valentine or testicular fortitude to climb that mountain now. Watson: None. The Spurs can smell blood and they dismantled the Heat in Games 3 and 4. Coach Gregg Popovich has his team far too disciplined to rest on their laurels on home court. The Spurs will take the Larry OBrien Trophy in five games, as Miami has no sense of urgency and cant find scoring outside of the Big Three or defend anyone and that goes for all 13 members of the Miami roster.What do you look at as the biggest key to the Spurs success in the Finals? Bala: The biggest key to the Spurs success is their depth of experience.  Sure Leonard, Green and Diaw have been playing out of their minds and the Big Three of Parker, Duncan and Ginobili had been solid. But its the experience among all of them, as well as others, that have kept the edge on the Heat.  The panic button never seems to get pushed when things start to go awry and even after the Game 2 loss at home, they came back to pummel the Heat on their court twice, running their system and playing their game.  Key word in the last sentence being THEIR. That kind of poise in a championship final only comes with experience and I think we are being shown that it will beat out youthful athleticism.  Strickland: Remembering how to forget. Coach Popovich brought his charges into training camp before the season, slowly and painfully breaking down how the Spurs let one get away last year, then put it away forever. Pops understanding of how to manage his team throughout the regular season, limiting their minutes in preparation for this moment was genius. But his adjustment of inserting the multi-dimensional point forward Boris Diaw into the starting lineup for Game 3 was so masterful that San Antonio may be counting one for the thumb and never see another Game 6 in these playoffs. Watson: When a team is doing everything right, its hard to pick just one thing. They are moving the ball exceptionally well, in addition to shooting at a high field-goal percentage, but their defence is what is giving the Heat fits. Not just contesting shots, activity in passing lanes or stealing the ball, but second-man rotation has been solid by the Spurs and, as their hallmark, its any player on the floor wearing black and silver, not just the starters. Is Kawhi Leonard a similar player if drafted by any other team in the NBA? Bala: I dont think so.  Leonard, in his role now with the Spurs, is in the ideal place.  He would be asked to do more of one thing or another with any other team, or less, and that could likely lead to a drop-off in something else.  Right now, hes the do-everything athletic guy on a Spurs team that, though, has athletes, doesnt have one like him.  Teams in the NBA all have a vet guy, or three, like Kawhi and that would compete with him growing as a player.  There is no way that he would be the same player anywhere else for what hes shown us in the Finals. Strickland: No. Being able to come into a team aand system that mirrors his character, personality and demeanour to a tee with veteran leaders and a winning culture that wouldnt depend on him to be the face of the franchise right away was ideal for him. Malcolm Butler Titans Jersey. . The Spurs R.C. Buford knew what he was doing and exactly what he was getting when he traded George Hill to the Pacers for Kawhi Leonard.Watson: Of course not. Hes still a talented and gifted player, but he was drafted by a team that didnt need him to come in right away and score or be a lockdown defender. He is coached by the best in the game and has learned and watched from Hall of Fame players and how to conduct himself as a professional. Does the result of the NBA Finals affect the Heats off-season free agency moves? Bala: Either way you cut it, its a yes.  With all but two players guaranteed to be on the roster, this should play a huge role now.  Assuming that the Three Amigos take their player options, for one of the two years at least, the Heat will need to find the pieces to build around them within a workable budget for necessary complementary talent.  If any of them opts for free agency, the team will have to replace that player AND just about everyone else too.  That will be a huge problem because the calibre of player and chemistry will be tough to find.   Lose or, if you believe in miracles, win, Miami has a long summer ahead of it.  Strickland: Absolutely. The roster is aging in dog years, especially with one of their stars whose name rhymes with "Wwyane Dade." The Heat need to address getting younger players who fit their culture and can contribute right away. Pat Riley will also have to look at shoring up problem areas at the point guard (Kyle Lowry?) and down low with solid bigs who can help drag Miami out of the NBAs basement in rebounding, score a bit and be a defensive presence in the paint. Carmelo Anthony is not the answer to the Heats needs right now. Watson: Not really, although the Finals have shown them that they are in worse shape than they previously thought. If Dwyane Wade is going to retire as a Heat player, the team needs more support. This season alone proves they cant coast through and expect to compete in the Finals. Miami has played a lot of games over the last three years and its apparent they are tired and too top-heavy. They can take a note from the Spurs or two regarding balance. Four games deep, who is the Finals MVP? Bala: My pick is Boris Diaw.  I cant believe I just said that.  I, like Im sure many have before me, have ragged on him at some point in his career, but hes looking like the championship-era Bulls Scottie Pippen right now.  Hes been a catalyst on both ends of the floor and its been his ability to not just make plays, but timely ones has been a sparkplug for the Spurs and a dagger for the Heat.  I know Leonard had some big performances, as did Parker, but without Diaw the Spurs could be looking at 2-2 or even 3-1. Strickland: Can an entire team and organization be named MVP? No? Okay. Well, I currently have co-MVPs in Boris Diaw and Kawhi Leonard. French Pastrys insertion into the starting lineup shifted the Spurs offence into high gear, especially Kawhi Leonard. Leonards stat lines in Games 3 and 4 are shinier and MVP-calibre, but Diaw as a catalyst facilitating so many good things on the offence cant be overlooked. For a guy who once was the MVP of a foreign hoops league while averaging 7 PPG says a lot about how Boris Diaws impact on this series. Watson: Kawhi Leonard, despite Tim Duncans consistency. Leonard has shot .590 from the field averaging 16.8 points and 5.5 rebounds per game, while defending the best player on the planet in LeBron James. He has also forced to make James and the rest of the Heat work on the defensive end and is poised to be holding the Bill Russell NBA Finals MVP Award. Leonard has taken the next step in his career and no better time than the NBA Finals. The Three-Man Weave contributors are co-hosts of TSN Radio 1050s 1-on-1 with Will and Duane, Will Strickland (@WallStrizzle1) and Duane Watson (@byDuaneWatson) and guest point guard and owner of a quietly hot sneaker collection Ray Bala (@CanBallReport). 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