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. However, have you ever thought what it is

BEIJING Cheap Cowboys Hats , Jan. 14 (Xinhua) -- The State Oceanic Administration(SOA) on Sunday criticized the government of east China's JiangsuProvince for failing to supervise land reclamation and controlpollution along its coast.

An SOA inspection team exposed a number of flaws concerning landreclamation in Jiangsu after an investigation in the province fromAugust to September, said a SOA press release.

The province made slow progress in restoring environment alongits coast, the statement said, adding that it only finishedrestoring the environment along half of the 300-km targetedcoastline required by the State Council.

The provincial government was also found to have violated stateregulations by delegating the power of granting administrativeapproval for small land reclamation projects to the city governmentof Nantong Cheap Cowboys T-Shirts , the statement said. A total of 14 projects, involving81.29 hectares of reclaimed land, have been wrongly approved since2012.

A large amount of reclaimed land remain deserted, the statementsaid. From 2012 to 2017 Cheap Cowboys Hoodie , about 2,328 hectares of sea waters weretransformed into land but only 21.28 percent of them were actuallydeveloped.

Developers of 184 land reclamation projects did not obtaingovernment approval before they started building theirprojects.

The province was also found failing to effectively protectnature reserves. Fish farming has still been operated in about9,955 hectares of sea waters around a national wetland reserve inJiangsu, where such commercial operations should have been banned Customized Cowboys Jerseys ,according to SOA.

The land contributed to more than 85 percent of pollutants inoffshore waters along the Jiangsu coast, and the provincialgovernment did not have a complete list of polluters.

The provincial government was told to submit a plan forrectification within 30 work days and report the progress in nextsix months. Enditem

BANJUL, Dec. 30 (Xinhua) -- An attempted army coup in Gambia was foiled early Tuesday after overnight shooting, military sources said Tuesday.

The sources who declined to be named said that unknown gunmen raided State House during the night attack Cheap Cowboys Jerseys , adding that President Yahya Jammeh was abroad.

Jammeh came to power in a coup 20 years ago in the small west African nation.

LONDON, Feb. 6 (Xinhua) -- Imagine if you could see a different color for each letter of the roman alphabet or each Chinese character that you read; would that be amazing or commonplace? Is it even possible?

A new exhibition examining the mysterious world of the human mind shows that the phenomenon of seeing letters as colors has happened, that it has a name -- synaesthesia -- and that it and many other phenomena examined in the show at the wellcome Collection in London are all part of the collective human experience.

The works of psychologists, artists Randy Gregory Cowboys Jersey , writers, neuroscientists and philosophers are drawn together in the States of Mind exhibition to explore the area between consciousness and unconsciousness.

Curator Emily Sargent said: "We examine the wonder and the fragility of everyday experience. Touching on experience at the so-called edges of consciousness and looking at ways in which art, philosophy, folklore and neuroscience have established frameworks of understanding for conscious experience."

The exhibition takes as its starting point key moments in the historical emergence of the field of neuroscience. The pervasive idea of 'dualism' Rico Gathers Cowboys Jersey , the separation of mind and body first formally outlined by Rene Descartes in the 17th century, is illustrated by works such as 'The Soul hovering over the Body reluctantly parting with Life' by Luigi Schiavonetti.

Philosophers and scientists have long tried to define how these two worlds interact and explain how an objective brain can produce the subjective experience of consciousness. The papers of Francis Crick, who shared the Nobel prize in 1962 for his work on DNA, show that he worked on this "hard problem" until the day he died in 2004 Charles Tapper Cowboys Jersey ,

Crick's notes are displayed alongside neuron drawings by Santiago Ramon y Cajal, the founder of neuroscience.

Sargeant said: "As Francis Crick writes in his letter on display here -- 'it (consciousness) is an immensely surprising phenomenon, or it would be if we were not so accustomed to it'. That is the ultimate edge; the boundary between knowledge and experience."

Sargeant said that she had prioritized individual voices in the displays, as all humans are authorities on their own experience Joe Looney Cowboys Jersey , "that personal universe of experience that we hold within our own skulls. So, we hear from a range of different perspectives."

Illustrative of this is synaesthesia, a condition where one sensation may trigger another. As an illustration, 20th century author Vladimir Nabokov experienced seeing letters as colors and this is illustrated by his "Alphabet in Color."

Sargeant said: "We can enjoy the rainbow that Vladimir Nabokov drew in his synaesthetic alphabet; we can hear accounts in Carla McKinnon's disturbing and thought provoking installation about paralysis; we can trace the memories of a woman attempting to map the memories she has both lost and relearned living with profound amnesia."

But despite evidence and theories the subject of consciousness is mysterious.

"There are still many unanswered questions regarding its nature; it feels then like a genuine frontier for research and understanding Bo Scarbrough Cowboys Jersey ," said Sargeant.

States of Mind: Tracing the Edges of Consciousness runs until Oct. 16 at the Wellcome Collection in central London.

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