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Shabuz Km
   I purchased this sheet as a spare for my baby's crib.  I made two to match his bedding and purchased two others.  This sheet fit his mattress and was extremely soft.  It fit snuggly to the mattress and didn't shrink during the first wash.  This was a great affordable sheet and I will probably purchase extras!
Miriam Salazar
   This is my second pair of ECCOs and I love them.  The price was too good to pass up and the fit was perfect!
Kishan Bishwakarma
   I bought this for my 12 pound yorkie terrier, he was actually 8 pounds when i bought it, its a little small on him now but still fits ok. The quality of the product is very good, almost good as my real jersey.
Alberto Daniel Tomadin
   This is one of my best books yet to read. I cried when Zy was killed because him and Yay had just gotten back together. Now how Rocks supposed to be everybody boy but done slept with Cash and Jux girls main that's straight up shady. Q is down right crazy as hell who goes and rapes a woman because she done moved on with the man she loves. At 1st I wasn't feeling Rique because he was wrong but you can tell he talk did care for Yay. Now Lani my girl but she know that was wrong keeping that man in the dark about still being pregnant
Hayriye Kırcalı
   Very good build quality. Works very well. Very satisfied with this.
Cameron Camand Anderson
   Exactly as promised love this shirt!

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