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On 13,000 registered prospects be in get across Neches, As special dec

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Johanna Re
   I bought this for my 13-pound mega Maltese cardinals fan. It looks adorable on him and he is comfortable cheering in it. I chose the size medium based on girth and neck measurements, not length. It's slightly long for him on his back, but it leaves his important parts uncovered so it doesn't interfere when he goes outside to do his business. This is an adorable, quality jersey. I highly recommend it if you have a furfan looking for gear to wear to the next football party.
Roxanne Chenier
   Fits great very comfortable
Susan Gates Davis
   First let me say - I LOVE Jamie and figured I would love her book, but it was even more amazing than I thought.  What a fun and interesting book and I felt like she was in my room telling me the story....
Jenyfer Ramirez
   Fits my pups
Grace DV Montias
   Are these the most flattering shorts ever? No. Are they the most comfortable? Definitely. I would give these five stars except for one thing -- they are NOT 100% cotton as the description stated. They are 60% cotton / 40% polyester. That doesn't bother me in itself, but it DOES bother me that the description is inaccurate. Also, if you have an allergy to polyester DO NOT buy these shorts.

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